Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

km 9445.0

Here are some recent photos:

Recent observations since previous post:

Dec 3:
Check air from 50 to 65PSI
Apply 20SAE oil to rollers
Chain wear to .6%
Front brake shoes 10% life remain
Rear brake shoes 30%life remain
Replaced dust caps on crank arms with:
left: 'Norco' - black ; right 'Norco' - silver
Wiped down reflective tape
Noted rear hub bearings loose again

Observations this post:

Product testing ongoing with Planet Bike 'Blaze' handlebar lamp: so far seems sufficiently bright to provide courtesy to other road users, especially when augmented with Planet Bike 'Superflash'. By aiming the beams in the rear view mirror of a vehicle seems to make the operator take notice. Not enough wash for night time off road riding and easy to overrun the spot on unlit bike paths. Helmet mount doesn't work well with Bell 'Metro' helmet without using zip tie modifications. Said helmet mount seems to get along OK with Louis Garneau 'Delta' helmet. Cooked through OEM batteries in about a month, upgraded to Energizer 'Lithium' AAx2 (about $10/pair at Canadian Tyre). Keeping it on blinky mode to maximize battery life.

Rig itself running quite well despite wear to front tyre, braking systems, drivetrain and hub bearings.

Now checking air and oil about once per month. Seems easy enough to remember - beginning of month = maintenance check.

On another note, having trouble finding bulk length red reflective tape at the retail level in the local marketplace. Two retail managers have said their wholesaler is out of business, despite the fact that this product is stipulated as mandatory for vehicles under local legislation. Now going to online marketplace awaiting delivery.