Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

km 8496.4

Puncture on front wheel on October 11 creating a slow leak during an out and back 19km ride.

Followed usual repair procedures...inspected Kenda Klaw carcass (OEM Canadian Tire tyre) and removed piece of clear glass. Noted usual wear and tear, going to try to keep existing tyre until 10000km service interval. Replaced part with tube from spares. Used a sprinkle of talc powder between carcass and inner. Patched punctured inner tube and returned it to spares.

Oiled chain with Triflow, and checked air to 60PSI on all wheels.

Removed old dB2L and in it's place installed a new light, the Planet Bike Blaze 1W, offered at CDN$26 online from our co-op. Product seems sufficiently bright such that urban traffic often yields right of way to it. As a courtesy to less observant road users also added Planet Bike Superflash right next to it on the handlebar. This is for those times when in dense urban nighttime riding. Testing for that product awaits.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

km 8408.5

No recent postings as not many observations to report.

Rig is running smoothly. Drivetrain wear on the Shimano CNHG50 is at .5% after 2000km ish. Wheels inflated to 60 psi once/month and go back down to 40 psi after 30 days. Adjusted rear wheel bearings and aligned rear fork ends in September after play noticed. Moved red LED light from saddle pillar to luggage rack fitting. Moved reflector from luggage rack to saddle pillar.

Old pedals were OEM Wellgo LU-895N that were durable for thousands of kilometers. New pedals are FPO NW-99B from a donation from Specialized, lasting about 800km before looseness in bearing is observed.

Latest project is turning a 50's CCM Boy Scout camelback into a rider. Originally went with Conti Contacts 700x37, disappointed they are not made in Germany. Now riding Nokian Ultra Tour 700x37, manufacturer claims they are made in an eco friendly manner in Finland. Wholesaler in between supply of preferable 700x40's, couldn't wait since the project started in January 2008 and finally was ridable in August 2008. Added Brooks Flyer saddle and leather hub shiner as bonus pieces. Upgraded fender fasteners with split washers and vynuts - they seem to stay in place now. Overhauled CCM37 coaster hub and it runs beauty now with SAE 20wt oil. Makes a growling noise when soft pedalling; truly a classy classic ride.