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The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SKYWAY km 2073.6


In November of 2012, this writer received a new machine to test ride.

It is a 2012 1/2 MEC Skyway - high lights are Gates Center track belt drive, Reynolds Chromium Molybdenum steel frame, etc . . .

The half year model denotes a running change where some models under the same stock keeping unit will fit fenders and others will absolutely not.

Upgrades within a month of point of purchase are: Wheels Manufacturing solid steel bolt on axles, swapping the drop handlebar for a regular MTB zero rise handlebar, 48/58mm reach brakes, Oury grips, Cygolite Metro 420 light, Planet bike fenders, luggage rack,etc.

At km 800 the belt failed when a stick went in it,derailled it, and then forced back on to the chainring.

Running pretty good right now, though there is quite a bit of wear and tear on the rim brake surface despite running soft salmon Kool Stop brake pads.

Stay posted for more observations . . .


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