Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

km 4610.2

Already put over 100km on the new odo - works well so far.

Blew a flat last week, punctured by small piece of glass. This is two flats so far, running mostly around 40 PSI the whole time.

Superglued headlight and computer to handlebar, still there even thought parked around a busy urban area often.

Front shifter cable finally threw down to whilst downshifting on the rear shifter. Went to reef on shift line below downtube to upshift again (remember the front shift broke off in a cold snap last January), and the remnants of the thumbie finally moved, leaving the machine stuck in it's granny gear. Since then, stuck a wooden clothes pin in the front mech, is now holding in the middle chainring. Looking forward to next service interval when shifter is replaced and will be able to acheive use of the 48 toot big ring again.

Posts may be intermittant, as experiment will be put on hold during October, due to vacation.


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