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Thursday, April 26, 2007

km 3988

About eight weeks ago, noted that the left thumb shifter snapped whilst upshifting in -22C weather. It has been stuck in the largest chainring since.

Now the right thumb shifter has vibrated loose from it's mounting post leaving it dangling on a wire on the handle bars. It is now impossible to change gears.

Fortunately, both parts have been ordered and will be installed as soon as possible.

Also, the was some vandalism that occured on April 24 between 1900H and 2000H. The rubber shim that fastened the speedo/odometer mounting base has gone missing. Fortunately the instrumentation is still working perfectly
, although it (like the thumbshifter) is dangling from a wire on the handlebar.


  • At 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You can actually order spare parts for this bike from Canadian Tire?

    Based on the prices of the parts, would it be more cost effective to purchase a second SC1800 at $99 to use for parts?

  • At 20:34, Blogger Maple Leaf Cyclery said…

    Some spare parts are available, such as tubes and tyres.

    An excellent idea to keep another one around for spare parts, when the parts are purchased separately, replacement bits could be well over $99.

    Enjoy to take the opportunity to upgrade as things wear out, such as the bottom bracket going from a basic unit to a deluxe brand name weather resistant unit.

    Mountain Equipment Co-Op ( has been excellent about keeping a supply of upgrades offered for sale and in stock. Tip o the hat to CO for them.

  • At 18:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah, I figured the tubes and tires would be easy to acquire. Falcon parts (shifter, derailers) seem to be generally available. Do you know if the Falcon parts are from Falcon Cycle? ( ) I wonder if they actually make the SC1800.

    Anyway, I agree that buying a second SC1800 may be the most cost effective way of keeping it running over the long term. It just feels a little "wrong"... like keeping somebody around for spare organs.

    Still, for $99, who can stand on principle?


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