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The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

km 590.04

Lost another crank arm dust cap. That's two dust caps falling off in a week. Must be something to the installation technique.

Put on a pair of Sugino threaded plastic crank arm dust caps, those should stay on.

The pedals are getting smoother as milage accumulates. They were rough at first, and now, spinning freely. Must be magic in the bearings.

Looking forward to putting some real mileage on the rig this afternoon.


  • At 13:02, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Obviously you have forgotten all of your training! Chapter 7 paragraph 18 of the book "The Art of Dust Cap Installation" By the venerable Nesticle Nitpic states; "having cleansed all threads and surface areas of the crank and of the aluminum dust cap, apply a small drop of blue loc-tite and using the rounded end of a thin cone wrench or a large flat head screwdriver, tighten said cap with 8.6lbs tourque". Perhaps you are not ready for such advanced tecnical know-how. Might I suggest also reading Nitpic's other great work, "On Tire Valve Caps".

  • At 15:58, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mr. T you are a bad man. Now there is LOL.

    However, if you bothered to inspect to OEM guide for the SC1800 you would realize it has press fit dust caps, which are covered in Chapter 11 of the body of work you quote.

    I followed directions in paragraph 57 to the letter (as it says, 'and whack thunderously with 32 ounce brass mallet until the cheap piece of crap is properly seated in the crankarm'), but there is probably something to my technique that requires me to have more practice.

    I shall endeavour to re-read 'On Tire Valve Caps' tonight for bedtime reading (that one always puts me to sleep).


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