Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Monday, February 27, 2006

km 518.40

Day off for the blue beauty yesterday. There was an extreme cold weather warning, and thought not to chance things with the Db2L.

Ride in this morning was pleasant as a punch. The rig is quiet and smooth. Some rust showing on various bolts and exposed cranknut, seems mostly cosmetic.

Except the front brakes. Hitting the binders resulted in honking despite the extreme toe-in. Perhaps it is time to clean the rim with, perhaps, acetone or alcohol.

The BB is showing some play. The BB is definitely a weak spot in the spec of the bike. Also dropped a crankset dustcap somewhere along the way.

It will be time for the chain to receive more SAE 20 weight special blend iminently.


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