Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Monday, February 13, 2006

km 311.43

Yay! The white turtle light is working again, at least for a 20 minute ride home from pa's last night. There was some fiddling around with the switch positioning and lo and behold it seems to be OK now.

Bad news is the Prolink lube wore off much faster this time. Perhaps temperature has something to do with it's viscosity as it has been cool the last few days. One thing about Prolink - it is clean running.

So switched to '3 in one' SAE 20 oil from the folks at WD-40. Goes for like three or four bucks at the local Canadian Tire and has tenancious clinging ability. The label says 'special blend for 1/4 HP motors or larger'. Initially, it seems to work OK on my bicycle too. Also splashed some on the rear derailleur, as it was showing rust and not shifting perfectly.

Must try to make time to rebuild the BB bearings today.


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