Maple Leaf Test Rides

The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Friday, February 03, 2006


whoa! turtle malfunction last night. been riding with one red and one white in blinky mode to date. this seems to get attention of drivers in rear view mirror so as not to get a door prize. the white one was giving me trouble out of the box and had the batteries replaced right away. it conked out about 5 minutes into the ride last night in dry cool conditions. took a few minutes to disassemble, bend the battery contacts and apply electroconductive gel to leads. this got it going again for another 10 minutes, but had to ride home with only the red light.

also, the lock is jamming. it is the new style planet bike xl extra guard with the 'disk style' tumblers. it got a little wet last night and now it is totally stuck. aaah - a few drops of 'tri-flow' seems to do the trick to make it smooth again. probably powdered graphite would be more appropriate.

reduced the number of fender stays from 6 to 4. that is one pair on fron wheel and one pair on rear wheel. so far so good with that.


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