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The continuing saga of test riding a Supercycle SC1800 (Canadian Tire product # 71-1556)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ready to roll

Oh boy oh boy oh boy...editorial time my favourite time!

Went down to the local Canadian Tire Store to pick up the intriguing prospect of a $99(!) commuter bike. Folks are always asking me why spend $500 on a bike when so little can be spent. And then I'm dumbfounded. So time to put money where my mouth is and try one out.

Went looking for Can Tire product #71-1556 at the St C lair and Keele store, but shizzle sold out until June. Hiked home and phoned over to KWMann Can Tire on Yonge and they said they had one. Whoo hoo! The only catch is that is in a box and they said there is no assembly and therefore no warranty. They said.

So I hustle down there and pick up some rags and hockey tape to go with it. Get to the register and plunk down my simoleans and lo and behold the register tape says..'1 year repair warranty on parts found to be defective. valid with receipt only' Yee haw got my warranty after all, now all that's left is to assemble and accesorize it.

Which happened this morning. Got through the assembly with an adjustable wrench and a Park Tool MTvl -1. Took 25 minutes. Gave it a bonus front hub adjust, even though the fork tips are a wee bit not parallel.

Next came accessories. Picked up a Filzer Db2L from MEC for $11.50 to keep track of mileage for the sake of this 'experiment'. Next was a Planet Bike Extra Long U-lock for like $16.50. The local MEC didn't have the fenders and rack I wanted so I ordered them online. They should be on the bike by the end of the month, of course I will keep you all posted as to latest developments.

Nothing left to do now but ride ride ride.....


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